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Report: T-Mobile-Sprint Enters Into Deal With Dish Network

It looks like T-Mobile's proposed merger with Sprint is getting a lucky break from Dish Network. 

According to CNBC, T-Mobile and Dish have come to an agreement. The reports show that the deal is currently pending the approval of the Department of Justice (DOJ). 

For some time now, the DOJ has been waiting for a fourth carrier to emerge in the wake of the proposed $26.5 billion merger. The fourth carrier is said to level out the competition that would have otherwise been deleted with just AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon acting as the major carriers. There was even a multistate lawsuit filed by 13 state attorney generals that argued less competition would mean higher rates for consumers. Fortunately, it looks like Dish is ready to fill in those shoes. 

A second report by CNBC revealed more information about the deal. The cable network shared that they would get additional wireless spectrum, Boost Mobile, and the combined T-Mobile-Sprint network for six or seven years. 

It is expected that a formal agreement could be decided upon next week. 

Source: CNet 


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  1. More details on what DISh would do with Boost. Keep using CDMA on the old LTE bands?
    Create new 5G spectrum? What exactly? Share the new TMobile 5G?

  2. Dish will also get the Virgin Mobile and Sprint Prepaid brands. T-Mobile will give Dish a 3-year support agreement to assist with transition of Sprint's prepaid customers to Dish.

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