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T-Mobile-Sprint's Proposed Merger Could Get Approved This Week

T-Mobile and Sprint's proposed merger is coming to a close as reports suggest that the Justice Department is close to approving it. Another report shows that the proposed merger seems to be progressing towards T-Mobile and Sprint's favor.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Dish Network was in talks with the two companies regarding acquiring Sprint's prepaid brand, Boost Mobile. In a recent report made by Bloomberg, Dish will be paying $5 billion for the deal. This comprises of $3.5 billion for spectrum, $1.5 billion acquisition for prepaid businesses, and a seven-year wholesale agreement to sell service under T-Mobile's network.

In addition to this, T-Mobile is said to provide operational support for the next three years, while prepaid customers make the transition to Dish.

The agreement also shows that Dish is not allowed to sell its assets or transfer control of the agreement to a third-party within the next three years.

According to reports, a deal has been agreed upon by the three parties involved: Dish, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The next step is for the Justice Department to approve the merger. And according to recent news, the approval could come by Thursday.

When the merger is approved, it's likely that Dish would become the fourth carrier that the Justice Department is hoping will balance out the competition.

Source: TmoNews 

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