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Three New MVNOs Now Support Google's RCS Chat

Not too long ago, Google shut down Allo and Hangouts. Ever since then, the company has pinpointed Rich Communication Services (RCS) as the their new way of messaging.

Unfortunately, RCS largely depends on carriers and their specific device support. Because of this, rollout has been slow. Verizon has been among the first to adapt the service and offer it to their customers. Now, it looks like three more MVNOs have started to support RCS.

Verizon's Visible MVNO service has followed after its parent company by supporting RCS for the Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. Apparently, Visible has been offering support for these devices for at least a couple of weeks already.

Simple Mobile customers may have to update to the latest Google Messages version. In doing so, you can receive a notification that RCS chat features are already enabled. There was also an employee that teased using the service a couple of weeks ago. Android Police reports that the service is available to Samsung devices for now.

Lastly, Xfinity Mobile subscribers now have access to RCS chat with support for select devices.

Source: Android Police 


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  1. Say what? Hangouts still works for now.

  2. Thanks to the carriers it will be 2029 before RCS makes it to all phones. Google and/or Samsung should just take their own Messages apps into their own hands and stop trying to appease carriers.

  3. So you could have just said Verizon is allowing its MVNOs to use the service it's hosting and so far the are known to have taken them up on it (although since Verizon owns Visible I'm not sure it should be counted). I'm assuming Verizon Prepaid also has access?

  4. I have a Google Fi eSim and a Verizon physical Sim on a Pixel 2 XL. No RCS with the Verizon Sim but I do with Fi.

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