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Ting Says Goodbye to T-Mobile, Hello to Verizon

A few days ago, Ting Mobile revealed that FreedomPop quit Sprint as its MVNO. It has also stepped in to provide assistance to both Unreal Mobile and FreedomPop customers. Many guessed that this meant the MVNO would be running under T-Mobile's network. But it looks like Ting has other plans for its business. 

Earlier today, Tucows (the company behind Ting) announced that it has revised its 2019 cash EDITDA guidance. This has gone down to $52 million from $62 million. Among the reasons for this decline include carrier migration costs, underperformance in the mobile business, and carrier penalties. 

Tucows President and CEO Elliot Noss pointed out that such challenges emerged after Sprint and T-Mobile announced their merger. Because of the issues that have come up, Ting announced today that it will no longer be operating as a T-Mobile network partner when their contract ends at the end of the year. 

Once the contract expires, Verizon Wireless will be taking over as Ting's network partner. Ting's contract with Sprint, on the other hand, has been extended to September 2020. Noss shared that their contract with Verizon will be better than the one with T-Mobile since it comes with guarantees, better rates, and other financial terms. 

So what does this mean for affected customers? 

If you are an affected customer, you will have until December 19, 2020 to migrate to another network.

You can read the full statement here.

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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