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Tracfone's $15 Plan Now Includes 500 Minutes

Tracfone has quietly given one of its plans an upgrade.

The change was posted on HowardForums by a user. The post says that Tracfone's $15 plan now comes with more minutes.

Prior to this change, Tracfone's $15 plan only provided 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data. With today's news, the plan now comes with 500 minutes. This means that Tracfone has added 300 minutes to the plan at the same price.

A visit to their website also reflects the same change. The $15 smartphone-only plan now includes 500 minutes for 30 service days.

You can also enroll the plan in auto-refill to get a discount. Instead of $15 per month, the plan goes down to $14.25.

Source: HowardForums 

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