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Xfinity Mobile Releasing New Pricing Structure Soon

Comcast's Xfinity Mobile is currently making changes to its mobile phone plan pricing structure. This information comes from a leaked document that was shared on Reddit.

According to the document, the Verizon MVNO will be unveiling Second Generation plans where customers will have to pick a data plan that fits their needs.

Prior to this leaked document, Xfinity Mobile offers two plan options under what they refer to as First Generation plans. The first is a By the Gig plan that gives customers 100MB of free shared data monthly and free unlimited talk and text for up to five lines for $12 per GB. They also have an Unlimited plan at $45 per line per month.

With the introduction of the Second Generation plans, Xfinity Mobile will no longer be giving away free 100MB of data per month to its customers. Under the Second Generation plans, Xfinity Mobile offers the same Unlimited plan at $45 per line per month along with three options under its By the Gig plans:

  • 1GB at $12 per month
  • 3GB at $30 per month
  • 10GB at $60 per month

In addition to making changes to its plan options, Xfinity Mobile has a new policy for data speeds under the By the Gig and Unlimited plans. During times of network congestion, Xfinity Mobile customers may encounter slower data speeds temporarily. Both plans previously had video streaming resolution default to 480p. With the Second Generation plans, the standard streaming resolution is 720p for phones and 1080p for tablets (By the Gig plan) and 480p (Unlimited plan). 

The good news is, customers who already have an existing plan under the First Generation options may opt to keep their plan and be grandfathered in. If you decide to switch to a newer plan, however, you will have no option to revert back to a First Generation plan. 

You may view the leaked document here

Source: Reddit

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