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Boost Mobile Running 4 Different Promotions

Boost Mobile has unveiled a number of new offers and has brought back some of its best-selling promos. There are a total of four promotions offered by the Sprint prepaid brand.

Switch to Boost Mobile, Get iPhone 6s for $25

This promotion has been used by Boost Mobile in the past. Originally, Boost ran this promotion from May to July for $49.99. In January, it was offered at the same $25 price. The prepaid brand has brought back this promotion due to its success.

In order to get the iPhone 6s at this price, customers must switch to Boost Mobile and activate service under a $50 per month plan or higher. Port-ins from a Sprint-related carrier are not eligible for the promotion.

This promotion runs through August 22, 2019.

Samsung Galaxy A10e BOGO Offer

Another promotion that Boost Mobile has is a BOGO offer on the Samsung Galaxy A10e. The offer is available to non-switchers who activate service under a $50 per month plan or higher. Customers who are not switching from another carrier can buy the device and get another one for free. The Galaxy A10e currently sells for $99.

This promotion lasts until September 16, 2019.

Free Phone Offer

In addition to the above promotion, Boost Mobile is also offering a free phone to those who switch and activate service under the $50 per month plan or higher. The available devices include the following:

  • LG Stylo 5
  • LG Tribute Empire
  • Motorola Moto G7 Play
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e

This promotion ends on September 16, 2019.

4 Unlimited Lines for $100

Boost Mobile has also brought back its old promotion where it offered 4 unlimited lines for $100. Taxes and fees are included. The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, LTE data, and 1GB per line of mobile hotspot.

This promotion is available in-store and runs through September 16, 2019.

Get to know more about these promotions by visiting Boost Mobile's website.

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  1. Boost running 4 different promotions?! First they should help their customer first. We have boost 2 lines unlimited everything..What a joke! Yes you have unlimited roaming only in Mexico. What a joke.

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