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Cricket Wireless: To Launch New Plans & Deals Next Week

It looks like Cricket Wireless is coming up with some new plans and deals real soon.

This information comes from a HowardForums post, which shares that the new plans and deals will be launched by the AT&T brand on August 11. 

According to the original post on Reddit, Cricket Wireless is slated to unveil Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals on the Nokia 3.1 Plus and the Moto G7 Supra. 

In addition to launching these two new phones, Cricket is set to unveil new unlimited plans called Cricket Core and Cricket More. These plans offer the following features:

  • Cricket Core - $55 per month
  • Cricket More - $60 per month, includes 15GB of mobile hotspot with no speed cap

Lastly, Cricket is said to restructure its family plan:
  • Line 1 - $60
  • Line 2 - $30
  • Line 3 - $20
  • Line 4 - $20
  • Line 5 - $20

Take note that these plans and offers have not yet been officially announced by the prepaid brand. You can read more about this post here.

UPDATE (August 14, 2019): The new plans are now live.

Source: HowardForums 


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  1. What l don't understand is why Cricket makss their best port in deals online only?
    Getting a s9 for 275 with a port is great, but you can't go to the store to get it
    That also slaps the face of their authorized dealers as Cricket is the only prepaid company that basically competes with their own partners/dealers smh.

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