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Dish CEO Reaches Out to Boost Mobile Store Owners

Less than a month ago, there were reports that Dish Network was in talks to possibly acquire Boost Mobile.

The reports show that U.S. television provider could be paying up to $5 billion for the deal. The deal would cover $3.5 billion for spectrum, $1.5 billion for the prepaid businesses, and a seven-year wholesale agreement to sell service under T-Mobile's network.

Now, it looks like the company has reached out to Boost store owners via email. The report comes from NWIDA, who shared the email signed by Dish President and CEO W. Erik Carlson. The letter includes the following:

"We understand the importance of a strong dealer network; it's been critical to our success. Boost has an extremely robust and successful dealer community, and we're excited about our opportunity to continue to grow the business together.

"As you know, this transaction is subject to regulatory approvals. In the meantime, I understand there may be some uncertainty. You probably have many questions. I want to assure you that, to the extent the agreement framework allows, we'll work with your leadership to keep you updated on our progress and to share more about DISH."

Right now, this is all that's written on the matter. From the letter, it might be safe to presume that the deal has pushed through. We'll keep an eye out for the latest update on this acquisition.

Source: NWIDA 

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