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Google Go Widens Availability & Compatibility

Ever since Google Go was released in 2017, it has only been on Android (Go edition) phones and in select markets. But it looks like Google is ready to welcome change.

According to today's announcement, Google Go is now available throughout the world. But in order to get it, you will need to use an Android smartphone running on Lollipop or higher OS.

With this Android (Go edition) app, you can enjoy a lightweight Google Go experience that won't burn through your data consumption and phone memory. The app has a little over 7MB in size, with search results that have been optimized to help save up to 40 percent data.

The app also comes with Google Lens functionality, which means that you can have it translate a sign to you via your phone. 

Source: PhoneDog 



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  1. i told them years ago that they should concentrate on security instead of fancy tricks and mostly visual bloat.

    now, they should allow you to unistall the original google app if you install the go app.

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