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Redesigned Google Play Store to Rollout Soon

Earlier in the year, there were reports that Google would be launching a newly redesigned UI for its Play Store.

This rumored update was started in May but was later halted by Google before its slated release. Those who were able to receive the updated UI were surprised to discover that the Play Store has reverted back to the old interface.

Several Reddit threads shared some information about this. Fortunately, these posts also shared information that the rollout is back on track. According to the forum, the new update comes with new Material Design that uses Google Sans font. With the coming of Android Q's system-wide dark theme, it will truly complement the interface and help usability.

The forum reveals some of the changes that can be expected to the new Play Store UI. One of the most anticipated changes is the allocation of the tabs from the top to the bottom of the screen. Additionally, the Music tab has been removed. It can still be accessed from the menu slide out from the screen's left side.

As of this writing, there is no word on when the redesigned Google Play Store will be available to Android users. But it can be expected real soon.

Source: Phone Arena 



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  1. This update hit my phone yesterday, so it is rolling out now.

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