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Supreme is Coming Up With Its Own Burner Phone

It looks like Supreme is making its way into the mobile phone industry. The streetwear brand has unveiled its fall/winter 2019 product catalog and surprisingly, it includes a feature phone they refer to as the Burner Phone.

According to its description, the phone is manufactured by Blu and comes with 3G capabilities. It's likely a pre-existing model that was rebranded as part of Blu's collaboration with Supreme.

Other features of the device include a dual SIM slot, a 2.4-inch display, and a built-in camera. It also includes 128MB of internal memory and a 16GB memory card, which is already included upon purchase.

The device also carries Supreme's trademark white-on-red logo on the back and the home screen.

Knowing Supreme's history, it's very possible that this burner phone won't come cheap. The device will likely launch with a flagship price.

Supreme's fall/winter 2019 catalog will be released on August 22nd in its New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and London stores.

To learn more about this device, visit Supreme's website.

Source: PhoneArena 


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  1. Aren't 3G phones being phased out?

  2. It is just for show...people have multiple phones so they will use it for calls basically and everything else on the smartphone.

  3. and who is supreme, never heard of them :( ..

    1. Supreme is an American skateboarding shop and clothing brand. They kind of look like they are trying to be a small scale wanna be Sharper Image type of business.

  4. Which carriers are still letting 3G-only phones on their network, and for how much longer?

  5. AT&T still allows 3G only phones, and voice traffic is carried almost completely on 3G. I don't believe they've announced a cut-off transition date, and have been slow to implement VoLTE.
    If this is an existing model, it's likely GSM only, so T-Mobile would be the only other contender. T-Mobile will probably allow it on the network, and it probably won't work well many places. T-Mobile is well on the way to killing off 3G & 2G.

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