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Tello Has Increased Its Minimum Pay As You Go Credit Amount

Tello has increased its minimum Pay As You Go Credit. Instead of the original $5 minimum rate, the minimum top up balance amount is now $20.

As seen on HowardForums, the minimum top up amount around three weeks ago was $10. This means that the credit has increased 100% since then. With this new change, Tello's Pay As You Go Credit option ranges from the following:

  • $20
  • $30
  • $40
  • $50

The posters on the forum site have also expressed their concern on the increasing rates. Considering Tello is a Sprint MVNO, they are worried about how the company's merger with T-Mobile will affect the MVNO.

Another poster pointed out that the increase in Tello's minimum credit amount may be due to the company's attempt at avoiding being a 'parking' number, especially since they are among the cheapest that people could get. Others also pointed out the credit card fees that may be affecting the minimum credit amount.

Despite the change, many have pointed out that Tello has "good plans and excellent customer service".

You can read more about the comments on the forum page here.

Source: HowardForums

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  1. Tello has de-emphasized pay-go on their website, also, recently. It is only promoted as an add-on for international calls; USA rate information is obscured in the overall country list; pay-go information links are only at the bottom of their home page.

  2. Tello is still giving a $10 referral bonus for signing up. You'll get $10 Tello Dollars that you can use on your first order.

  3. Yes, but you cannot use your Tello Dollars to pay for a partial order. So unless you introduce more than one friend. Your Tello Dollars are going to go unused. Slimy bastards

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