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AT&T Wins Best U.S. Wireless Network 2019 Title from GWS

AT&T has just proven itself worthy with today's news. The network has received the title of the Best U.S. Wireless Network 2019 from Global Wireless Solutions. Verizon took the second spot, followed by T-Mobile in third, while Sprint took fourth place.

The results of the test are based on a number of factors such as voice, video, coverage, reliability, and packet data. These metrics are weighted using consumer feedback that revealed how important each factor is to the wireless users in the country.

GWS ran a total of 9.4 million tests in 50 states, as well as in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The tests also covered 94% of the total population of the country.

Based on the results of the tests, these were the things that led to AT&T's win:

  • Data Speed: AT&T had the fastest download data speed for streaming content, receiving photos, and other app-related content. For uploads on social media sites, and posting photos and videos, Verizon had a faster speed.
  • Reliability: Out of the four networks, AT&T had the best success rate for accomplishing data tasks.
  • Video Streaming: AT&T also scored the highest for video streaming with the fastest loading time and highest video quality. It also had the least amount of buffering.
  • Voice Calls: Surprisingly, T-Mobile won this part of the test for best quality phone calls. AT&T, however, had the least number of dropped calls and the highest percentage of completed calls. 

Throughout the year, AT&T led the other networks by using 5-channel aggregation. This method is known for increasing capacity, which led to faster download data speeds. The other tools that U.S. carriers used this year include 4 X 4 MIMO (helps increase cell site and phone connections) and antenna beamforming (focused the antenna on the target).

The survey found out that the most important and common activity that smartphone users in the U.S. did was to make and take phone calls on their devices. Out of the survey respondents, a third said they were unable to earn a living without their mobile devices. Majority of Americans care more about reliability than network speed.

Congratulations, AT&T!

Source: PhoneArena 

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