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Consumer Cellular No Longer Sold at Best Buy Stores

Consumer Cellular has left Best Buy a year after it first appeared in its stores.

The change was observed by Wave7 Research and reported by BestMVNO. This is surprising news because the company has been reporting a growth of 31,250 subscribers per month. It also reached 3.5 million customers, which they announced in a blog post.

With the exit, it is projected that Consumer Cellular will have a slower monthly growth rate. Despite this, it should still continue growing, especially with its ongoing promotions.

There is no official statement on why Consumer Cellular was removed from Best Buy. Sources believe, however, that it could have something to do with last year's GreatCall Inc. acquisition made by Best Buy. Considering these two companies have the same target audience, it would not be the best way the retailer can maximize its potential; especially since it was purchased at $800 million.

Source: BestMVNO 

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