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Cricket Wireless: To Stop New Activations of Non-VoLTE Devices in 2020

Throughout the year, wireless carriers in the country have been exerting their efforts on launching 5G network. As technology continues to change, it's to be expected that 3G network will be shutting down. One of the carriers that are preparing the shut down is AT&T.

Earlier this week, AT&T's prepaid brand, Cricket Wireless, shared some news on its looming 3G network shut down. According to their website, they will be ending service on 3G (UMTS) wireless networks in early 2022.

As the prepaid brand prepares for this, they may soon require new customers to have a phone that comes with voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) technology support. In line with this, they intend to prevent new activations of non-VoLTE devices beginning 2020.

As for the customers who have activated a non-VoLTE device prior to the mid-2020 may still use their device with Cricket's service until the 3G network shut down commences in early 2022. Once the network shut down is completed, customers will have to use a compatible VoLTE-capable device so they can enjoy uninterrupted voice and data service from Cricket Wireless.

Prior to today's announcement, Cricket originally planned to stop new activations on non-VoLTE phones on January 1, 2020. Thankfully, the wireless provider made necessary changes to accommodate the needs of its customers and its technology.

AT&T is not the only wireless carrier that is planning to shut down its 3G network. Other carriers, like Verizon and T-Mobile, are already in the process of shutting down their 3G networks. Although AT&T has not yet started the shut down process, it does encourage its customers to start upgrading their devices before early 2022. 

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  1. Problem is AT&T MVNO's use LTE for data only even when the phone is VoLTE provisioed. Calls go through on HSPDA or HSPDA+ instead of VoLTE. Cricket is not an MVNO. Neither is Metro.

  2. If they can open their VOLTE to all phones that are capable for VOLTE, including ATT Prepaid phones and unlocked phones feom other carriers, then this is possible.

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