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FreeUP Mobile No Longer Offering Its Rewards Program

AT&T MVNO FreeUP Mobile has just made important news for its customers regarding its Rewards Program. Unfortunately, the MVNO has decided to shut down the program.

FreeUP released the news on its website with an FAQ section where they also answered the most common questions. The company did not fully explain why they decided to end the rewards program, except that they were "no longer able to continue" their partnership with the Rewards program.

Customers who still have balance under the program will have this transferred to their mobile account. The Rewards will then be applied towards the monthly balance.

As of this writing, FreeUP Mobile does not have any plans to offer another Rewards program. It's possible that this can still change in the future. You can stay up-to-date by checking any news from their website.

Source: FreeUP Mobile 

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  1. shutdown in 3...2...

    1. Not at all funny or even clever.

  2. Ever notice wherever the old ring plus people go the provider drastically cuts benefits or closes--coincidence, probably not!

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