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Google Fi Unveils New $70 Per Month Unlimited Plan

Google Fi has just made some big news. For the first time since it launched in 2015, the Google MVNO has updated its wireless plans. 

Prior to today's change, Google Fi only offered one plan called the Fi Flexible plan. This plan provided its customers flexibility to pay only for the data they used. With today's announcement, Google Fi is now offering a second plan option called the Google Fi Unlimited plan. 

The new plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data for $70 per month. The rate does not yet include taxes and fees. Even though Google Fi refers to this plan as unlimited, data is not unlimited at 4G LTE data speeds. It has a cap of 22GB of 4G LTE data before throttling to 256Kbps. 

The plan also comes with free international calls from the U.S. to 50 countries and territories. There is also unlimited data and texting abroad in 200 destinations at no extra charge. Other plan features include Google One membership with 100GB cloud storage, Google product discount, Google expert support, and many more. Android device users can also keep their important files and photos safe with automatic backup. 

Google Fi's multi-line pricing structure is:
  • $45 per line - 4-6 lines
  • $50 per line - 3 lines
  • $60 per line - 2 lines

For a limited time period, Google Fi is giving customers 50% off on a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL purchase and activate Google Fi service. The offer expires today. You can visit Google Fi's website for more information on this offer. 

Source: Google Blog 

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