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Google Reveals New Improvements Made on Android 10 (Go Edition)

Google launched Android Go as a way to make the OS experience better on entry-level devices, particularly those with only 1.5GB of RAM or less. With the nearing launch of Android 10, Google is getting ready to launch its Android Go version as well.

Earlier today, Google shared some news on the improvements of Android 10 (Go edition) over its predecessor, Android 9 (Go edition). According to Google, one of the most noticeable changes is that the new update lets you switch between apps much quicker. Google also shares that this improvement makes the OS more memory-efficient and that apps launch 10 percent faster.

In addition to user experience, Google has improved security on Android 10 (Go edition). This is due to the new type of encryption Google made specifically for entry-level devices, called Adiantum. With this encryption, devices are able to encrypt data without specialized hardware and affecting its performance.

The new Android 10 (Go edition) is expected to launch on new phones this fall.

You can read more about Google's announcement here.

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  1. Will it be available for older phones for people to just download and install on their own?

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