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AT&T Voicemail Outage Affecting Several Customers

Quite a number of AT&T customers seem to be having issues accessing their voicemail. Apparently, it looks like the outage has been going on for a few weeks now. The wireless carrier has not divulged the exact problem. They have not also disclosed when this problem will be fixed. 

A report from The Verge showcases a 40+ page thread on the support forums of AT&T, which seem to be talking about the voicemail issues that customers where encountering. In addition to the thread, AT&T customers have tweeted about their voicemail issues. According to these posts, users are unable to access their voicemail, including visual voicemail. They have also had issues calling in. It looks like the issue first occurred on October 1st. 

Representatives from AT&T have responded to the problem in the support thread by pointing to a "vendor server problem." Various claims have been made by AT&T on the extent of the outage. Among those who complained about the problem are customers located in the states Arizona, California, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Indiana, and North Carolina. Both iOS and Android device users are affected by the outage. 

As of this writing, AT&T recommends that the best solution is to wait for the fix to roll out or rebuild a mailbox. The carrier promised that they are already working with a manufacturer on fixing the issue. But there is currently no promise on when the problem will be fixed. 

"A recent software update to some devices may be affecting our customers' voicemail. We are working with the device manufacturer to issue a patch to resolve this and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused."

Although the problem is widespread, it doesn't seem like the issue is affecting everyone. Are you experiencing a problem accessing your voicemail too?

Source: The Verge 

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  1. Or just use google voice for voicemail. If it wasn't for this and other articles I wouldn't even know there was an att vm issue.

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