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Boost Mobile, Tracfone Make Changes to Tagline

Boost Mobile has released some new TV ads that display its new tagline. Previously, the Sprint prepaid brand's tagline was "Easy to switch, easy to save." After launching the two new ads, Boost Mobile's new tagline reads: "The switch that gives you more."

In addition to Boost Mobile, Tracfone has also changed its tagline. Their previous tagline read "For moments that matter". Now, the tagline of the brand is "Now you're in control". But unlike Boost Mobile, Tracfone did not release any TV ad to commemorate their new tagline change.

Boost Mobile's new ads also show that they are giving away four free Stylo 5 phones. They have earned the 57th rank on national TV advertising in Wave7Research's latest prepaid report.The report also showed that Tracfone did not run any TV ads since June.

Check out Boost Mobile's new TV ad here:

Source: Wave7Research 

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