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Red Pocket Mobile Offering eBay Exclusive Discount on One of Its Annual Plans

Red Pocket Mobile is currently offering one of its eBay exclusive phone plans at a discount.

For a limited time period, you can get a Red Pocket Mobile annual plan for $309 or a monthly price of $25.75.

This plan already comes with unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of 4G LTE data before it throttles to 2G data speeds. The plan is regularly priced at $499 and is usually sold for $399. With the discount in place, users can save up to $90 on the annual plan.

If you are interested in getting this annual plan, you can use it on the networks of Sprint or AT&T. It also comes with free international calling to more than 70 countries and international text messaging.

If you do get the plan and the allotted high-speed data runs out before the monthly cycle is over, you can opt to purchase add-on data at $2 for 100MB of 4G LTE data or $5 for 250MB of 4G LTE data. The purchased add-on data does not rollover to the next billing cycle.

You can check out the other plans that Red Pocket Mobile is currently offering via eBay.

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  1. Know that the price will be higher at checkout by around 25 dollars

  2. Correction-, This plan will be around 36 dollars higher at the checkout after Ebay adds tax.

  3. Must be something fairly new. I have bought from Red Pocket on eBay in the past and tax was not charged.

  4. Also, apparently this is only available for AT&T or Sprint. No Verizon or T Mobile.

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