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Save Up to $15/Month With Visible's New Party Pay Plan

Ever since it was launched, Visible has always offered one plan for its customers: a $40 per month plan that comes with unlimited everything. Now, it looks like the Verizon-owned prepaid brand is getting ready to welcome multi-line plans. 

Usually, multi-line plans are called "family plans" or "shared plans". Visible likes to make things different with its multi-line group-discount option, called Party Pay. Apart from changing the name of the group plan, Party Pay does come with some differences; especially by how it gets paid. 

The plans under Visible's Party Pay show these options:
  • $35 per month/per line - for two users
  • $30 per month/per line - for three users
  • $25 per month/per line - for four users

Each person under the line gets a separate bill. Not to mention, his account gets his own unlimited calls, texts, data, and mobile hotspot. What this means is that you won't have to share data with the other people in your account. It's pretty neat. 

If you are interested to get service under these discounted prices, all you have to do is to create a Party at Visible's website. You can then invite up to three other people to join your party so you can all get the discount on your service.

Source: Visible  

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