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These Are All the Leaked Details on the iPhone SE 2 So Far

Even though the iPhone SE was released in 2016, it continues to be a sought after device in today's markets. This is why Apple is said to be working on a successor to the highly marketable device.

Called the iPhone SE 2, some of its details have leaked out to the public ahead of its expected launch in the first quarter of 2020.

According to credible analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, some of the specs of the that can be expected from this device include an Apple A13 processor, 3GB of RAM, and storage option of 64GB or 128GB. The analyst has since been accurate on reporting leaked Apple product information. Other details that Kuo shared include the color options that will be included on the iPhone SE 2: Silver, Space Gray, and Red.

Unfortunately, Kuo shares that it's possible that the iPhone SE 2 won't have 3D Touch support. It is also possible that the iPhone SE 2 will sell at $399, a price similar to the iPhone SE when it first launched.

Other reports have predicted that the iPhone SE 2 will share a similarity with the iPhone 8 in terms of its appearance. These reports have also shared that the device will use Touch ID fingerprint reader.

Again, these are all not official details. We will have to wait until Apple takes the wraps off the iPhone SE 2 before we can confirm anything.

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  1. The A13 is, by far, the most poweful mobile processor ever created. If the Iphone SE arrives with the A13 @ $399, it will be an incredible performance bargain.

  2. The difference between Touch ID and Face ID is minimal except for the fact Touch ID takes away from possible Screen space.

  3. at double the cost , or more, than new phones from umidigi, BLU, nokia, motorola, etc, , only a cult sheeple would buy one.
    p.t. barnum was right about a fool and his money being soon parted.
    more and more people have discovered the the security on apple phones is a myth.

    1. enters reply with iphone Xr..."Yup, and your point is....?"

    2. By far Apple devices are more secure and long lasting than any other. No wonder our president uses iPhone and of course you have to pay top dollars for Premium devices. Now if you can't afford it doesn't mean it's a bad product 😉

  4. I want something like the iPhone 7 or 8, with the button/sensor. I don't like the X or the 11 because it has no button/sensor, and I didn't know what to buy after the 8, when I needed a replacement. Hopefully the next SE will be like the 7/8.

    I unlock and use my iPhone without clicking the button with the help of AssistiveTouch. If they could incorporate AssistiveTouch to the button, it would be awesome. Non-clickable button even better.

  5. Thought I don't care at all for I Phones, I have no desire to own Umidigi or BLU. The support aspect is a concern. Nokia or Motorola are just okay in my opinion.

  6. Typically Apple puts in the previous generation of processor (A12). Guess we'll see if Ming Shi is right and Apple is choosing to own the Mid-tier.They haven't been dedicated to it like other branda, but if they can release a Mid-range phone every 2-3 years that would be a win for them and give consumers a new option ever few years.

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