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Altice Mobile Now Has 15,000 Subscribers

After launching its Altice Mobile service last September 5, Altice USA has unveiled its important numbers.

Since the launch, Altice Mobile was able to sign up 15,000 subscribers. By the end of Q3 2019, the Sprint MVNO was able to generate a revenue of $3 million. Considering their lines only cost $20 per month for existing Altice broadband customers and $30 per month for non-broadband customers, this is a pretty impressive win for the company. 

In addition to earning those subscribers, Altice Mobile has also improved on its infrastructure. Even though Altice Mobile is an MVNO, it makes use of its own mobile core infrastructure. Just recently, they have been even deployed 19,000 small cells on its aerial cable strands. This is to help the Sprint densify its network coverage in Long Island, New York.

For its next step, Altice plans to start offering online handset sales in the next three weeks. This is because they have realized that there are potential customers who go through their website but "stop ordering when they can't get any handsets". By offering this, they hope to drive incremental volume.

Source Fierce Wireless 

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  1. This MVNO is highly Geographically restricted.

  2. Geographically restricted subscriber base. Hence the number.

  3. Geographical restrictions for this carrier. Due to contracted company it mainly deals with. Hence the low numbers

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