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Boost Mobile Offering New Tracker Device for Customers

Boost Mobile prepaid customers now have a way to locate their valuables thanks to the new Tracker + Safe & Found portable device.

Earlier today, Boost Mobile unveiled its partnership with Smith Micro Software, Inc. Under this partnership, they are able to offer the new Tracker + Safe & Found device to let them easily locate their valuables.

The tracking device operates on Sprint's network. Apart from real-time tracking, Tracker + Safe & Found has safety features like personalized geo-fences or safety zones that send a notification once a family member has left a designated zone. The device also comes with other features like a light sensor, SOS alert, and many more.

Right now, the device can be purchased at Boost Mobile's website for $49.99. Taxes and fees are not yet included. Boost Mobile will soon be offering the tracking device in its retail stores. It does require a monthly subscription to access Sprint's network. The subscription costs $5 per month.

To learn more about the tracker, visit Boost Mobile's website.

Source: Sprint Newsroom 


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  1. How does it work where Sprint's network is unavailable?
    Can you still track it??

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