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FreeUP Mobile Now Offering 3-Month Plan for $40

FreeUP Mobile has just made another change to its phone plan options. Today, the AT&T MVNO unveiled a new multi-month plan that gives its customers three months of wireless service.

With this new plan in place, you can enjoy uninterrupted service for three whole months for $40. The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and 500MB hard-capped data every month. There is also the addition of 500 international long-distance calling minutes to both Mexico and Canada.

Unfortunately, this multi-month plan does not come with an option for data top-up.

The $40 multi-month plan does not yet include sales tax, but it does include telecom taxes and fees. It also does not support mobile hotspot. Once the allotted data runs out before the month is over, the plan is throttled to 2G data speeds.

To know more about this multi-month plan, visit this website.

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  1. Just do not expect all services to work correctly such as international calling, wifi calling,texting and volte.

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