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Google Fi Pixel 4 Users Now Have Access to RCS Messaging

Rich Communication Service (RCS) has long been called the next generation of wireless messaging. Instead of relying on the cellular connection of a carrier, RCS makes use of Wi-Fi or data connection.

The one big difference between an RCS message and a SMS/text message is that the former can contain up to 8,000 characters while the latter can only hold 160 characters. Users can also send larger and higher-quality videos using RCS. The sender of a message also gets notified when the recipient reads his message. Lastly, RCS group chats can contain up to 100 participants.

Last month, Phone Arena was able to report that some Reddit users discovered a trick that allowed Android devices to enable RCS. The report came a day after the major U.S. carriers agreed to unite and form the Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative (CCMI), which would help make RCS widely available in the country by next year. But in order to enjoy the features of RCS, all participants in the chat should be using it. There are certain devices, like the Pixel 4 from Verizon Wireless, that does not come with RCS. Many believe it could be related to the CCMI development.

Yesterday though, a Google's Senior Director of Product & Design, Sanaz Ahari, sent out a tweet that Pixel 4 users under Google Fi MVNO should be able to access RCS. Considering Google Fi operates under the networks of T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular, it should be able to support RCS, thanks to Sprint.

In addition to supporting RCS, the Google Fi Pixel 4 version also supports Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) now. With this, users can use both the eSIM and physical SIM slot on the device. This lets them take calls over one network and use another carrier for SMS/text and data.

Source: Phone Arena 

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