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Motorola: To Unveil New 64-Megapixel Camera Soon

It has been a pretty busy year for Motorola and it looks like they are not yet done. Motorola recently announced that they still have one more event to hold in Brazil next week. In the event, it was hinted that the manufacturer will be introducing a new smartphone with a pop-out selfie camera.

This smartphone is said to be called the Motorola One Hyper. Its features include a 6.4-inch LCD screen with the usual bezels on the side. Since there is a pop-out camera on this device, many believe Motorola will not include a notch and punch-hole design that is seen on other devices. The pop-out camera is said to carry a 32-megapixel sensor. On the back, there is a 64-megapixel camera available and an 8-megapixel depth sensor. This is the first camera by Motorola that includes a 64-megapixel camera.

Apart from the remarkable camera, Motorola has included some impressive specs under the hood. For starters, the device is said to run using Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor with 4GB of RAM and an onboard storage of 128GB. There are those that believe Motorola could offer other storage variants when the phone gets released.

Although this phone is a Motorola One brand, it is expected to carry Android 10 when it launches. Right now, pricing or availability has not yet been announced. The reveal won't be too long so we'll know more details pretty soon.

Source: PhoneArena  


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  1. An excessive number of pixels does not produce better pictures as tiny pixels do not work well under low light conditions. The best cell phone cameras for low light imaging work with 12 megapixels. All this is going to do is waste data storage and clog email traffic.

  2. It would be great if released specs told what brand and version of photo sensor phones include equal to the brand and version of the CPU and RAM size they use

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