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Publication Reveals Best Prepaid Carrier Today

Have you ever asked which wireless network offers the best prepaid plan? PhoneArena has just gone the extra mile to compare the different prepaid plans offered by the big four carriers in the U.S. in order to discover which one ranks well. The publication factored in a number of aspects, including pricing, network coverage, and several other things.

In its study, the publication was able to discover that AT&T offered the most balanced prepaid options. Known as the second-largest carrier in the U.S, AT&T has an expansive coverage that is not limited to the big cities. Although its network is not as wide as Verizon's, it does offer cheaper prices and a wider range of compatible phones thanks to its GSM network.

The publication also shared that Verizon continues to be the carrier with great coverage. The best news is, its prepaid offerings are no longer too expensive. They may be higher than T-Mobile's and AT&T's, but they are no longer too expensive to afford. Not to mention, they do offer carryover data so any unused data can still be enjoyed in the next month.

On the contrary, T-Mobile's prepaid offerings is starting to become a little bit expensive. The carrier used to be considered an underdog compared to AT&T and Verizon. But they have invested in aggressive marketing and offered a number of phone/plan discounts. This led the carrier to see a growth in its subscriber count. T-Mobile makes a great choice in areas where coverage is available, especially since it has the fastest average download speeds. But for those who live outside the big cities, T-Mobile has weak coverage.

As for Sprint, the publication shared that the fourth largest carrier in the U.S. had good prices on its prepaid plans. But these are exclusive to legacy customers. The company has stopped Sprint Forward prepaid plan sign-ups due to their impending merger with T-Mobile.

With that said, it's important to assess the carriers available depending on how they will be beneficial to you. You can read the full report here.

Source: PhoneArena 

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