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Republic Wireless Offering $200 Discount on Select Samsung Galaxy S10 Devices

It's officially November and that means the biggest and much awaited shopping bonanza of the year is just a few short weeks away-- Black Friday sale. Not one to make its customers wait, Republic Wireless has just announced its first batch of deals for the holiday season.

For a limited time period, you can get your hands on one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices at a discount. In particular, the devices that are available on a discount include the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB - $699 (instead of $899)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB - $799 (instead of $999)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB - $549 (instead of $749)

These devices sold by the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO are unlocked and in a black color. The discount on these devices are available until November 18, 2019.

In addition to the discount on these devices, Republic Wireless is giving away a free month of service to customers who activate a new line of service before the year ends. You can get the $20 per month plan for free, which comes with unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of 4G LTE data. Once the first month is over, you will have to continue paying the plan at the $20 per monthly rate. You have to make sure your service is activated before December 31, 2019.

To learn more about Republic Wireless' offers, visit their website.

Source: BestMVNO 

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