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Some T-Mobile Prepaid Customers Affected by New Data Breach

T-Mobile has just reported a new security issue that its prepaid customers may be experiencing.

T-Mobile has admitted the incident to TmoNews and explained how some of its prepaid customers are affected by the data breach. The wireless provider shared that the information of some of its prepaid customers were accessed by the breach. When its cybersecurity team found out about the breach, they shut down the issue and reported it to the authorities.

As far as what kind of information was extracted, T-Mobile assures the public that social security numbers, passwords, and financial data were not compromised. The only information that was accessed were the prepaid wireless accounts of some customers, such as their name, billing address, account number, phone number, rate plan, and the added features in the account.

As of this writing, T-Mobile is working on notifying its customers that were affected by the data breach. They have sent out a text message to customers whose information were taken. If you are among those who received a notification, T-Mobile advises to update the PIN on your T-Mobile account.

According to T-Mobile, there are some customers who may not receive a notification because they do not have an up-to-date contact info. If you are worried whether you were affected or not, you may get in touch with T-Mobile's support team by calling 611 from your phone or 1-800-TMOBILE from any device.

T-Mobile did not disclose the number of customers that were affected by the issue. But there have been some Reddit users who claimed they have received a notification from T-Mobile.

Source: TmoNews 

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  1. Why would anybody give their social security to them to begin with??


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