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T-Mobile Prepaid Unveils Pricing Structure for 5G Plans

5G has been one of the biggest things to happen to smartphone carriers this year. And as they progress to fully launching in 2020, it is only understandable why these carriers have started to reveal their pricing structure for plans with 5G service. T-Mobile is the latest to unveil these plans for their prepaid market.

  • $15 per month plan - comes with 2GB of full-speed data
  • $25 per month plan - comes with 5GB of full-speed data
  • $30 per month plan - comes with 10GB of full-speed data

T-Mobile Prepaid also offers extra add-on at $25 for 6GB of data. 

T-Mobile has promised to increase the cap on these plans by half a gig each year. Another promise it made is to retain the prices for the next five years after they launch their 5G network. 

As for its launch, T-Mobile is setting its sights on launching its first 5G coverage areas in three weeks. So if you want to be among the first to enjoy 5G, you better pick up a 5G capable device soon. 

Source: PhoneArena 

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  1. It will be 2025 before 5G gets here, so pass.

  2. Are these phone plans or data-only plans?

    I suppose T-Mobile will as usual price postpaid single-line 5G plans at more than double prepaid, before taxes.

  3. T-Mobile is really pushing this. They want that Sprint merger really bad.

  4. Are these plans data only??? The article doesn't specify if it's data only plans or talk, text, and data plans.

  5. The $15 plan includes talk and text. Dont know about the others.

    Unlimited dats is noticeably absent.

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