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Tracfone and Simple Mobile: To Offer Car Smart Hotspot Plans Soon

Tracfone and Simple Mobile have a new service to offer to its customers real soon. The two MVNO brands are gearing up to launch its "Car Smart" hotspot plans fit for connected cars.

The goal of these plans is to provide hotspot data to its users while they are on the road. In addition to staying connected, the service provides car owners information on their vehicle's condition. Among the features of Tracfone's KonnectONE include in-car WiFi hotspot, GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and many others. By simply plugging in the Car Smart device into the OBD port of your vehicle, all the passengers of the vehicle get access to high speed internet.

KonnectONE manufactures the Moxee Automate Car Smart device. This device lets its users know whether their vehicle has been stolen, towed, or gets hit via an app. Vehicles with a Car Smart device installed can use it to keep track of their car's location as well as their family's.

Tracfone will be selling the device for $199.99. Right now, it is not available to ship to all locations. Once it becomes available it will be offered with the Car Smart plan at $99 for 12 months of service. Auto-refill is allowed at $94.05. The plan comes with 2GB of data every month. Once hotspot data runs out before the month is over, customers can purchase data at $10 per 1GB of data with unlimited carryover.

Simple Mobile will also be offering a Car Smart plan at $25 per month. Under them, the service will come with 3GB of monthly hotspot data plus unlimited car connection. Unused data does not rollover to the next month. If hotspot data runs out during a billing cycle, subscribers can purchase data at these prices:

  • $5 - 2GB of data
  • $10 - 5GB of data
  • $20 - 10GB of data

Add-on data does not include rollover and is only valid for the existing month.

To learn more about Car Smart, visit this website.

Source: BestMVNO 


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