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Virgin Mobile No Longer Available Through Retailers

The past few years have been quite difficult for Virgin Mobile. Even when the Sprint prepaid brand decided to re-brand itself as an iPhone only provider, it proved to be an unwise decision for the company. And it looks like it's not getting any better for the company.

Sprint sent an email to FierceWireless explaining its latest action for the prepaid brand. According to the report, Sprint said that "Walmart has been a great sales channel. Virgin Mobile USA continues to evaluate its sales distribution outlets and, at this time, has made the decision to exit our retailer agreement with Walmart. Customers can still purchase Virgin products on www.virginmobileusa.com."

Prior to its decision to pull out the brand from Walmart stores, Sprint shared that the brand was available in about 50% of Walmarts.

The decision to pull out Virgin Mobile from Walmart does not really come as a surprise. Wave7 Research's Jeff Moore already noticed the disappearance of the brand from other retail stores since April.

With today's news, that means that Virgin Mobile is no longer available at Walmart, Best Buy, Meijer, and Target stores. A Sprint spokesperson clarified, however that its decision to exit Target in August 2018 was "due to choice." 

Although this may cause some worry for some people, it doesn't entirely mean that Virgin Mobile is already disappearing for good. Customers can still opt to purchase the brand's services and products via its website.

Source: FierceWireless 


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  1. You can just buy a boost mobile phone and activate it on virgin mobile, Simple solution

    1. Not really a solution if the brand is dead and shutting down

    2. Not really that simple. Last VM phone I purchased was from Walmart. Everything looked normal in the box, but when I opened it up to activate, I noticed it was on the Boost mobile network. After calling VM to try to get it activated and failing, I ended up having to take it back for an exchange.

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