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3 Flagship Devices Get AT&T Call Protect Service

Back in 2016, AT&T launched a spam blocking service called Call Protect. And ever since that time, the wireless network has been improving the service. But it looks like the service is getting another new feature with STIR and SHAKEN.

Just recently, AT&T revealed that they have activated the STIR and SHAKEN standards for three specific models. These devices include the LG V40 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S10, and the Samsung Galaxy S10+. AT&T has promised that they will be adding support for more devices in 2020.

In addition to smartphones, AT&T has made the feature available to AT&T Phone digital home phone service customers.

If you have any of the mentioned devices, you should be able to automatically get the service. It doesn't cost anything and it's a big help to avoid getting spoofed calls. When you have the service activated on your device, you'll be able to see a green checkmark and "Valid Number" on legitimate calls. AT&T has promised to label more calls as legitimate over time.

If you still don't have the feature activated on your device, you can activate it using your AT&T account settings. All you  have to do is download the AT&T Call Protect app and you'll be all set to go.

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