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Glitch Affects AT&T Prepaid Double Data Promotion

Update 12/12: AT&T Prepaid has reached out to us and told us that they have already fixed the issue. Affected customers have received the bonus data they were owed. 

AT&T Prepaid has been offering a double data promotion for quite some time now. But due to a glitch on their system, it looks like the offer is no longer available and cannot be put back.

As reported on Reddit earlier, users were able to notice that the promotion was gone. When the original poster called 611 to ask about the offer, he was told to put $200 in the account. This is because the system now uses balance to renew the plan. Due to a glitch on their system, it cannot deduct from the linked autopay card.

A representative told another poster that there was "no record of a double data promo plan" that AT&T Prepaid offered. When the poster called back and asked a different representative, it was confirmed that the promotion does exist but advised the poster to wait 10 days before opening a ticket on the missing promo data.

Some posters have even suggested filing a Notice of Dispute since it was easier than an FCC complaint. If you are interested in doing this action, you can click here.

Source: Reddit

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  1. I left Verizon to get back with AT&T because AT&T finally realized their subscriber growth was stagnant and decided to join the rest of normal society by offering great promotions that actually competes with the other carriers but it's been hell ever since I'm not going to lie! AT&T's system and website has been trash for years, this issue has been going on for years while AT&T turns a blind eye collecting money and wasting it on failed ventures instead of fixing issues and complaints that's been going on for the past 7 or 8 years! I can't wait until new management takes over and hopefully along with this new management, positions will be replaced all throughout the company starting with new engineers/developers!

  2. Do other carriers have a similar Notice of Dispute process?

  3. Verizon and T-mobile are no angels either in the world of debacles.

  4. AT&T also cancelled my Walmart 25GB / $50 plan on 11/20/19 after having it for 6 months. They could not give me a reason. I had satisfied all of the requirements. They opened a case and did a "plan correction" to restore the plan. Took 2 hours of phone calls to fix.

    1. Did you change from the Walmart phone?

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