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Metro by T-Mobile Customers Getting Access to 5G Network at No Extra Charge

Earlier this week, T-Mobile revealed that they have officially launched their nationwide 5G coverage. The best part about this announcement is that the network can also be accessed by Metro by T-Mobile customers soon.

According to the big reveal, the nationwide 5G coverage will be launching for T-Mobile's prepaid customers on December 6th. The best part about the announcement is that all plans under Metro by T-Mobile will have 5G access at no extra charge.

But of course, you won't be able to access 5G network without a device that's capable to do so. This is why Metro by T-Mobile will be launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G on the same date. The device originally costs $1,299.99. But Metro by T-Mobile will be running a promotion for customers who port their number and buy the device. They can save $300 on their purchase of the phone.

The Galaxy Note 10+ 5G smartphone is not really the cheapest 5G-capable device that customers can get their hands on. But now that 5G network will be available for prepaid customers, Metro by T-Mobile will most likely be offering more affordable 5G-capable devices in the coming months.

Source: TmoNews 


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  1. will Metro By T-Mobile Family plan have 5g network or the family plan will change by its self??

  2. yes no charge just a $1k phone required lol how generous

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