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Red Pocket Mobile Now Offers Latest iPhone Models

Red Pocket Mobile has a bunch of important announcements today. For starters, the MVNO has revealed that it will now start offering Apple's latest products.

This means that customers can get their hands on the iPhone 11 series-- the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Of course, the other new iPhone models may also be purchased on Red Pocket Mobile.

As for the pricing of these devices, here are Red Pocket Mobile's rates:

  • Apple iPhone 7 - starts at $17 per month
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus - starts at $21 per month
  • Apple iPhone 8 - starts at $19 per month
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus - starts at $23 per month
  • Apple iPhone 11 - starts at $30 per month
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro - starts at $42 per month
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max - starts at $46 per month
  • Apple iPhone XR - starts at $25 per month

In addition to announcing the availability of new iPhone devices, Red Pocket Mobile also revealed that they have gained support for iMessage photo sending and FaceTime under AT&T's network. The other networks (T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint) fully supports MMS on iOS devices.


To learn more information about Red Pocket Mobile's latest announcements, visit their website.

Thanks, Jeffrey! 

Editor's Note: We made an erratum on the MMS feature of Red Pocket Mobile GSMA network. It was actually iMessage photo sending, not full MMS. We have corrected the error.


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  1. To clarify, that RedPocket support page does *not* say they support MMS on GSMA (AT&T).

    Instead, it says they support iMessage photo sending to other iPhone users on GSMA. That's not MMS. That's iMessage.

    1. Check again. It's been updated and fully supports MMS.

    2. It looks like RedPocket has now updated that support page, as of December 13, to state that they fully support MMS, including to Android phones, on iOS 13.3 and up.

      That's a good change, but it shows a bungled rollout of an important feature, and that they can't even send a consistent message to users.

  2. FREE Air Pods on Us (Red Pocket) - https://help.goredpocket.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037881271-Red-Pocket-Mobile-now-offers-the-iPhone

  3. Are the handsets on RP locked? If so what's the unlock period..Also are these monthly payments for 24months or 12?

  4. Picture and group messaging (MMS) will work if you are using iMessaging on your iPhone (i.e. sending and receiving pictures to or from another iPhone) This is NOT full MMS support. This level of MMS support is ONLY restricted to the GSMA of Red Pocket Mobile. The following applies to the GSMA network ONLY. All other Red Pocket networks (CDMA,GSMT,CDMAS) FULLY support MMS on iOS devices.

    1. It is full MMS support. The support page has now been updated to reflect the change

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