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Select Pixel Devices on Visible Affected by Android 10 Update Issue

Earlier today, a Reddit user shared an email he received from Visible. According to the poster, the Verizon-owned MVNO sent out an email to its customers notifying them of an urgent issue with Pixel lines.

The email reads:
"Hi Mr So and So... – urgent update: If your Pixel prompts you to install an Android 10 security patch, don't. The patch will sever your connection to the Visible network. 
We realize you've maybe installed the patch already. Hang tight; we're working right now with Google on resolution. More to come later today." 
– Visible

On the Reddit thread, a Visible employee commented that it was only Pixel 1 and 2s devices that received the message. Other Pixel devices, such as the 3, 3A, and 4s are not affected by this issue.

In just a few hours, a new Reddit post announced that Visible was replacing devices affected by the update error. A screenshot of the new email was posted on a new thread, which revealed Visible's swift action on the matter.

The new email reads:

"Recently, Google released the Android 10 security patch. If you've installed this patch, you've probably noticed you're unable to call or text on your Pixel device. This isn't an experience we want for our members in any way, so here's what's going to happen next:
To keep you humming on Visible, we are sending to you a brand-new Pixel 3a XL at no charge, and it should arrive by the weekend or soon after.
All we care about is giving you a great mobile experience, and we'll continue to do that even during times like this.
If you have questions: text 99370, tweet @VisibleCare or tap HELP in the app."

Kudos to Visible for the swift action on the matter.

Source: Reddit, Reddit 


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  1. They wont send me one as i didnt moan about it. just swapped to another device. the cs rep even implied since i had only joined a few months ago i didnt deserve it as much as others.

  2. Visible has a limited amount of phones compatible on their service. Check your IMEI on their website before activating.

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