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Sprint Expands Presence Across Walmart Stores

Sprint has just expanded to a number of Walmart locations. Prior to today's observation, Sprint was only available in around 40% of the retail stores in the US. This was equivalent to around 1,400 out of the 3,568 locations throughout the country.

The presence of Sprint inside Walmart stores was first noticed by Wave7 Research. This is the wireless carrier's attempt to increase its personnel and postpaid wireless products in the stores. Their goal is to offer their products across all Walmart locations and have these stores manned by 3rd party sales experts and their own wireless employees before 2019 ends. With this expansion in Walmart, Sprint could offset the retail losses it incurred when it separated from Target stores early this year.

And since 2019 is coming to a close, Sprint's expansion to Walmart stores could very much continue in 2020.

Now that Sprint has expanded to Walmart stores, it can continue its "Affordable Choice" program that it launched in 2018. The program was created specially for customers who had poor to no credit. It also gave these customers a chance to rebuild their credit background. The program comes with a 99% approval rate, even for those who have never had Sprint service in the past.

If you qualify for Sprint's Affordable Choice program, you'll be able to buy a phone with a downpayment of $40. You can then pair this with Sprint's Unlimited Basic Plan or Affordable Choice plan. To know more about these plans, look for a Walmart store with a Sprint sales expert available.

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