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US Mobile Announces Important Developments for Customers' Advantage

US Mobile has just announced big changes to its unlimited and custom plans. In addition to the new changes, the Verizon and T-Mobile MVNO has also started to offer perks to customers and an option to add free subscription to various streaming providers.

Lastly, US Mobile has launched an A.I. program called AutoPilot to help them provide phone plans to best suit the needs of their customers.

Updated Unlimited Plans

One of the biggest changes that US Mobile has made to its unlimited plans is that it has eliminated the 1MB data option. Instead, its plans offer a minimum data speed of 5MB. Its unlimited data plans still start at $40 per month, but they do come with faster data speeds. For an extra $10 per month, customers can upgrade to their plan to "Ldicrous" data speeds so they have no restrictions on their speed.

US Mobile has also increased the high-speed data cap. Lastly, the MVNO has reduced the price of adding mobile hotspot. Now, you can add this feature for $5.

Custom Build Plan Changes

US Mobile has also improved the pricing and service allotments on its custom build plans:

Talk Text Data
$0 - 0 minutes $0 - 0 texts $0 - 0 MB
$2 - 75 minutes $1.50 - 50 texts $1.50 - 50 MB
$3 - 150 minutes $2 - 100 texts $2 - 100 MB
$4 - 300 minutes $3 - 300 texts $5 - 500 MB
$5 - 500 minutes $4 - 1,000 texts $10 - 1.5 GB
$6 - 700 minutes $5 - 2,000 texts $15 - 2.5 GB
$8 - unlimited minutes $6 - unlimited texts $20 - 4 GB
$26 - 8 GB

Customizable Perks

US Mobile has also announced that new unlimited plan subscriptions can add free streaming and gaming services. The more number of lines there are, the more perks that a customer can get with their plan.

The perk options include the following:

  • Perk for 2 Unlimited Lines - Choose one for free: LiveXLive, Slacker Plus, Apple TV+, or Pandora Plus
  • Perk for 3 Unlimited Lines - Choose one from the 2 Unlimited Lines perk, and free secondary subscription from: Netflix Standard, Spotify Family, Apple Music Family, Audible, or Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ Bundle
  • Perk for 4 Unlimited Lines - Choose one from the 3 Unlimited Lines perk, and free perk between Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscription

AutoPilot AI

US Mobile has also released a new AI program that makes use of machine learning for subscribers to better know what phone plan suits their needs. The AI, called AutoPilot AI, is currently available under a discounted unlimited plan. The discount is available for 3 months, after which, it will suggest the best phone plan option for the customer to purchase from US Mobile.

The MVNO has also mentioned that they will soon launch a new app that will make it easier for subscribers to be able to check their balances, add top-ups, change plans, and even edit their profile and payment details. More information on this will be announced soon.

Source: BestMVNO 

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