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Wave7 Releases Independent Dealer Survey for Q4 2019 Results

Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey for Q3 2018
Wave7 Research, a company that specializes in telecom competitive intelligence analysis, has released the results of its Independent Prepaid Dealer Survey for Q4 2019. The survey tracked prepaid brand distribution and sales at 30 independent, multi-brand dealers in 12 NFL cities. Dealers were asked which prepaid brands they carry and which were their top sellers.

This quarter's winners show the same rankings as the last report, with winners Simple MobileH2O Wireless, Ultra Mobile, and Lycamobile. Simple Mobile was available at 25 of the 30 dealers and the top seller at 19 of them. H2O Wireless had a presence at 21 stores and had a top three finish at 13 dealers. Ultra Mobile improved from the Q3 2019 survey with presence at 17 dealers. Lycamobile, on the other hand, had presence at 16 dealers.

For this quarter, Wave7 gave Simple Mobile a "momentum award" for continuously winning every previous survey and showed momentum. In the previous survey, the MVNO had 12 first place mentions. This quarter, it had 19 first place mentions. Both Ultra Mobile and H2O Wireless deserve honorable mentions for the positive momentum they got compared to the last survey results.

For this quarter, Wave7 called Metro by T-Mobile and Boost Mobile as the survey losers. For quite some time now, Metro has been losing its momentum in the survey. This, however, is the first time that no dealer mentioned the prepaid brand. Boost, on the other hand, has been trying its best but has had limited success with its efforts. Previously, it had 5 mentions but now it only has 1. T-Mobile Prepaid was only mentioned by 7 dealers, which is far from the 15 it had in Q2 2017. T-Mobile seems to be putting less emphasis on the independent dealer channel. GoSmart continues to be low from surveys before 2019.

In this quarter survey, we are seeing a new player called Gen Mobile. Despite being a new MVNO, one dealer mentioned that they are selling Gen Mobile, which is an indication that it is making progress.

Here's the raw data from the survey (Q3 2019 numbers are in parentheses). Note that both Q3 and Q4 survey included 30 dealers.

Prepaid CarrierPresence among 30 dealers1st place2nd place3rd placeAlso-ran
Simple Mobile25 (23)19 (12)4 (5)2 (2)0 (4)
PagePlus8 (12)1 (1)3 (3)1 (1)3 (7)
10 (13)0 (0)4 (2)1 (5)5 (6)
Ultra Mobile17 (10)2 (1)7 (4)5 (4)3 (1)
H2O Wireless21 (16)1 (3)4 (3)8 (3)8 (7)
GoSmart6 (5)0 (0)1 (0)1 (1)4 (5)
T-Mobile Prepaid8 (7)1 (0)0 (2)3 (3)4 (2)
Verizon Prepaid6 (12)1 (3)0 (2)3 (4)2 (3)
16 (14)2 (3)3 (4)3 (3)7 (4)
Boost Mobile1 (5)1 (2)0 (2)0 (0)1 (1)
Red Pocket Mobile20002
AT&T Prepaid7 (13)2 (3)3 (3)1 (4)1 (3)
EasyGo3 (3)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)3 (3)
Total Wireless3 (3)0 (0)0 (0)0 (0)3 (3)
Selectel1 (1)0 (0)1 (1)0 (0)1 (0)
Gen Mobile10001

Once again, the TracFone brand (Simple Mobile) dominate the results in terms of distribution. Simple Mobile was also the top selling brand in the last survey results.

Source: Wave7 Research  


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  1. To me it is all about the quality of their customer service. Sure the MVNO can be prolific among store offering but when you need assistance and all the reps do is repeat the same scripting like parrots, and are clueless how to address any issue, it's not worth anything.

    1. Maybe you're not explaining your issue correctly. That or you pressed the wrong button.

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