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Xfinity Mobile is Retiring Its First Generation Plan

Xfinity Mobile has just made an important announcement. According to the Verizon MVNO, they will be transferring all of its customers to its second generation Xfinity Mobile Plan.

Back in August, the Comcast-owned MVNO expanded its By the Gig data options. This new change allowed customers to enjoy up to 3GB or 10GB of shared data each month at a reduced price compared to its first generation plan. Today's change, however, means Xfinity Mobile customers who were activated prior to the August plan changes will be ported over to the second generation plan. Xfinity Mobile assures these customers that there will be very little changes in the new plan. Customers can continue to enjoy By the Gig lines at $12 per month for 1GB of shared data. The Unlimited lines will continue to be $45 per month per line.

The big change that will be implemented is that customers will have two additional By the Gig data amounts to choose from so they can share it across the lines on their account. The options include a 3GB option for $30 per month and a 10GB option for $60 per month. With these options, customers can reduce shared data costs on their By the Gig lines.

Another thing that will be affected by this change is that By the Gig lines will have a default HD video resolution quality.

The MVNO discussed two other big changes that will be happening to affected accounts. The original pricing for By the Gig customers included a 100MB per account data allowance. Today's announcement eliminates that data allowance. Instead, all By the Gig lines customer accounts will be required to pay at least $12 per month with those lines. This is still a good option for those that use the By the Gig data option and do not use a lot of data.

Xfinity Mobile has also announced that it will be moving all accounts to a network level that in a way to adjust traffic prioritization in times of high congestion. The MVNO has put this network in place since August, and has not received any concerns. Still, Xfinity Mobile is giving its customers an option to revert back to the prior standard under a per line basis. This will come with an additional fee though.

The MVNO shared that customers will receive their February bill after their account has been moved to the new plan. This will be the last bill that will reflect the first generation plan.

For more information on this announcement, visit Xfinity Mobile's page.


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  1. Off topic, but I just got a notice when I logged into my Good2Go Mobile account that they are doubling data from January 2020 to March. This is for new AND existing customers, which is refreshing. It's also on their home page. I've been with them about 7 months and so far so good.

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