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Google Starts Separating Voicemails from Fi

Back in November, Google announced that it would be separating its Google Fi product from Google Voice. What this means for subscribers is that they will have a secondary Google Voice number along with their Google Fi number under one account.

A community manager explained in the announcement that Google Fi will no longer be showing the voicemails of subscribers in Google Voice. Instead, customers can access this through dialer apps (like Hangouts) and calling their own phone number.

"All your voicemails are still stored by Google, but voicemails you received with on Fi are no longer available on https://voice.google.com. They'll remain everywhere else you're used to accessing them, such as the Phone app or other dialer apps on Android, or the Fi app on iOS."

Although this seems like a big transition that Google is taking, they explained that this is simply the "first step". This makes it appear like they have bigger plans for their MVNO service. This new change, however, may seem like an insubstantial one. But it implies that Google is really working at separating the two services from one another.

Google Fi is Google's MVNO service that operates under the networks of Sprint, T-Mobile, and other WiFi hotspots.

Source: Google Blog


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  1. This helps people that already have both Google Voice and a cell number. Under the old system, a person couldn't have both, and thuse they would lose one number, and that kept out a lot of potential customers.

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