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H2O Wireless Welcomes New VP of Sales

H2O Wireless has made a new announcement regarding its business.

The AT&T MVNO has welcomed Sam Hamdan as the new VP of sales for the company. This is a newly created position at H2O Wireless.

Hamdan has 20 years of experience in the industry of Retail Telecommunications with a proven track record of solid results when it comes to new business development. With his new role at the MVNO, Hamdan spearheads the sales for the channel with a main focus on performance improvement among existing dealers. The company also hopes Hamdan's addition to the company will help expand the MVNO's dealer footprint across strategic markets in the country.

In early 2019, Telrite Holdings Inc. acquired H2O Wireless. Ever since then, the company has been able to make big investments on customer experience and marketing. In November 2019, H2O Wireless announced that it had changed the data cap on its plans by three times. 

Source: BusinessWire 

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