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NFL's Marshawn Lynch Will Pay for Your One Year Mobile Service at Beast Mobile

How would you like to have your mobile service be paid off for an entire year? What if the person paying for your mobile service is none other than Seattle Seahawks' running back player Marshawn Lynch?

Yes, the NFL athlete has partnered with Beast Mobile to offer one year of free service when you purchase an LG K40. The professional athlete has collaborated with Leigh Hunt to come up with the AT&T and Sprint powered MVNO.

If you are interested in this offer, you simply have to purchase the LG K40 at $199.99. If you are among the first 500 customers who purchase the device, your one year mobile service can be paid off by the athlete.

As announced on their website, the offer comes with the $24 per month plan, which operates under AT&T's network. This plan includes unlimited talk, text and 1GB of hard capped data. The price already includes taxes and fees so there's no hidden charge to worry about. The allotted data may not be enough for some people, but there's always an option to purchase data add-on at these prices:

  • $1 - 100MB LTE data
  • $5 - 500MB LTE data
  • $10 - 1GB LTE data
  • $50 - 5GB LTE data

There is also a chance to get more data by using the Beast Mobile app. You can use the app to take surveys, engage with some offers, or watch ads, you can earn credit that you can exchange for additional data.

In addition to the free one year of service, Beast Mobile will also be waiving off the $10 activation fee and $5 number porting fee that you will otherwise have to pay for.

To learn more about this offer, visit Beast Mobile's website.

Source: BestMVNO 


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  1. If you go to the Beast Mobile website and click on the link that is supposed to lead to the offer, you get a page that says "No Page matching this path found."

  2. I would have preferred they bring back the $4/month plan.

  3. This launched November 27, 2018. Well over a year ago. There was no need to post this on January 10, 2020 as the 500 free accounts have long since been taken.

    1. Yes, there was an offer in 2018. This is a brand new offer. They're doing it again

  4. Here is the link:


    Here is where it leads:


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