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Samsung Accidentally Reveals Galaxy S20 Launch Date

Samsung has officially started accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy S20 today. Back when the pre-order date was announced, Samsung did not reveal when the launch of the device will be. But it looks like it accidentally revealed this in the process.

According to reports, Samsung earlier launched a new page specifically for the Galaxy S20. The page urged viewers to "Be the first to experience a new era of Galaxy." It then collected the name, email address, and ZIP code of the individual so that Samsung will send out a notification on when pre-orders will be accepted.

Samsung also informed people who pre-order that the phones will get "Delivery by March 6 while supplies last". This highly suggests that the Galaxy S20 will be available starting that date. Coincidentally, Samsung launched its previous flagships around the same date. It launched the Galaxy S9 on March 2, 2018 and the Galaxy S10 series on March 8, 2019.

Samsung will be offering a trade-in deal for those who want to buy a new Galaxy device. Click here to pre-order the device.

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