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Samsung Offering Flagship Models at a Discounted Price

Everyone knows that flagship models don't come cheap. So when Samsung offers a discount on its flagship models, it's sure to be a great deal.

Right now, Samsung is running a discount on some of its flagship models. If you're shopping around for a new phone, here are some of the models that you might want to check out:

There is a catch on the Galaxy Note 9 model, unfortunately. It is said to be a refurbished model and is locked to Sprint. If this is a deal breaker for you, you can skip the deal and go with the Galaxy S10+ model. The two Galaxy S10+ models are sold unlocked with support for the big four carriers in the country. They also include U.S warranty and are sold by Amazon. 

This is a great deal to take advantage of, especially if you're shopping around for a new device. Considering the Galaxy S10+ was only released last March 8, 2019, it can still be regarded as a hot unit. But Samsung could be releasing its new flagship soon so if you're into the newest models, that could be something worth waiting for. 

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  1. Seller refurbished “This is a B+"
    Mean some scratches, battery have 300+ cycled gone etc...

    1. I've always had good luck buying 'MINT' conditions on swappa.com. I recently bought Galaxy S10e for $375 in flawless condition. That's 50% off the retail price of $750 for a new one.

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