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Samsung: Rumored to Be Working on an Affordable 5G-Capable Device

As 5G network continues to take over the mobile industry, we can only wait for smartphone manufacturers to come up with new devices. But more importantly, it's best to hope for an affordable 5G-capable phone to be released sometime this year.

Thankfully, it looks like Samsung is listening and is getting ready to unveil an affordable, non-flagship 5G smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. Although Samsung has not yet officially unveiled the device, credible sources (like SamMobile) believe that the device is ready for its big reveal.  

So what can we expect from the Galaxy A71 5G?

Right now, there are two model numbers seen for the US market-- the SM-A716U and SM-A716U1. This suggests that there could be a couple of 5G-capable versions that Samsung could release in the US. More importantly, it's likely that one of those devices could be an unlocked model while the other is a carrier-exclusive device.

That's currently all we know about this device. If anything, Samsung could release this 5G smartphone under $1,000 price tag. There are also rumors suggesting that the smartphone manufacturer is working on a 5G version of its Galaxy A51. Given its low price, it could be a hit among those hoping to get their hands on a 5G device in the US.

Source: SamMobile  

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